Our Story

Salutti was created after September 11th, 2001 and initiated in food business since the United States was in the middle of war. We, at Salutti, wanted to create healthier soft beverages, as an alternative to popular drinks in the market. Therefore, we implemented the idea of aloe drinks in the United States.
Some time ago, one of our friends had asked us to make aloe drinks. We asked him why, and he said that he was drinking aloe pulp with orange juice and other juices, in order to consume aloe.
The reason for mixing is due to the fact that aloe on it’s own does not have a particularly good taste. Shortly after, we branded Salutti to make a more convenient and healthy drink, starting the aloe drink business.
At first, supermarkets did not want to buy aloe drinks because they did not seem to know the product. Therefore, we had asked the stores if we could demo our products outside the storefronts and they agreed. So, we set up a table with samples of our Salutti drinks and people started to try them. First, people poured the drink onto their hands and put it on their faces, hair, and bodies, thinking that it was the aloe vera gel. Therefore we have the "Ready to drink" label on the bottle. After we explained to them that it was a drink, they tried it and fell in love with it. Customers had started to ask store managers where they could buy the product. However, the stores did not have them in stock since they did not trust our product. After many people had tried Salutti, loved it, and asked the store managers to carry Salutti, the supermarkets allowed us to sell our products. They even allowed us to demo Salutti inside the store on weekends in different counties, even in the state of Florida. This is how we started in 2001, creating the aloe drink category.
Nowadays, many people know what aloe drinks are and it is no longer necessary to emphasize the fact that it is drinkable. Aloe drinks are becoming so popular, in fact, that Salutti has expanded worldwide. Today, after 13 years, we have people calling from Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Central America, and outside the body of the United States who are eager to buy our products.


JJ Martin Group LLC is an exporter of specialty drinks and snacks in the United States, Japan, Europe and Central America. As a major distribution company in the United States, we represent some of the most popular brands and products for grocery stores, supermarkets, gourmet delis, restaurants, colleges, and recreational functions. Our focus is on developing the most exclusive and cutting edge food products, with our emphasis on the healthiest and most natural possible products with the current limitations on the copacking system.

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